Life Is Pain

by Depravity

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released November 3, 2017

All music & lyrics written by Depravity.
Additional vocal on Pray For Death by Steve Geary.
Record, mixed & mastered by Stu at Studio 6.
Artwork by Charlie Dixon.


all rights reserved



Depravity England, UK

Essex Heavy Hardcore

Dan - Vocals
Oli - Guitar
Mitch - Guitar
Connor - Bass
Ben - Drums

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Track Name: Flowers
Drag me, from the depths of despair; I need to fill my lungs, with this poisonous air. I only feel at home, when I'm lost and alone, I've shed my skin, one to many times.

I've been trying to exorcise my demons, but I can't seem, to kill what haunts me!
This much poison inside one man, is more than I can stomach.

All my strength, all of my love, was not enough, to keep you close. I’m a man with nothing to lose, dig my grave, tighten the noose!

I can hear death calling my name
I can hear death calling me!

I have drained, all love from the earth. Leaving humanity bereft of life.
Bereft of life!

I devoured the light, but the darkness left me starving. I feel so hollow, empty inside. Nothing I remember smells like it used to, everything sweet just tastes of ashes, all that I touch is covered in rust; I pray for the day that I crumble into dust!

Crumble into Dust.

Flowers grow!
Flowers die!
Death will unlock the Beauty inside!

Bury me in a nameless grave! Bury me in a nameless grave! My wretched soul doesn't deserve to be saved.

Nobody to mourn, nobody to pray!


Nobody to pray.
Track Name: Wayside
My true self, comes out tonight, in the majesty of a drunken haze, I don’t know when I realised that I wanted to take your life. One drink, to calm my nerves, I lose control of myself. When this is over I’ll possess you forever hopeless, lost inside this web of lies.

I hate what I have become, so I pretend I’m someone else, I remember there beautiful faces, never names, but places, undress, beg for help, before I cave your skull in.

I watched her die, I watched them all die, and as she begged for mercy I told her that I love her.

I’ll give in, to my vices, anything to supress the voices that scream inside of my head, telling me she’s better off dead. She’s better off dead. She's better off dead.

She’s so beautiful but she doesn’t know it yet, as I admire her from a distance, she shows me everything, for my eyes only, it’s like she can smell I’m desperate and lonely. I took her head, I took her head across state line, I took her head, and then I fell by the wayside.

I've spent years, trapped out in the cold, immersed in voyeurism, this cruel world, has made me numb, has made me numb, to all the hate.

I don’t believe in anything, desensitised, to all the violence.

Track Name: Pray For Death (ft. Steve Geary)
I sit and stare, as the beauty of the world dies, as it decays right before my fucking eyes, hope's & dream's love & happy memories, fade away consumed by decay. There's no light to follow into salvation.

Watch me pull the wings off of flies, as they circle my body, at the bottom of the well, I'm screaming can you hear me? This is a cry for help.
I chewed my fingers off, so I can't point the blame, and to stop the wounds from healing I'll open them up again.

Put me in the dirt, feed me to the worms, desecrate my tomb, bury me deep in the womb of the earth. Cut deep so my bones can leave, no one will visit a cowards grave, as I’m burning in hell I’ll curse your name.

Drain from me every last drop of blood; I never deserved to feel love.

Show me the beauty of the world, because I've lost my will to live.
My hands are bleeding, my brain is rotting, my horrid past, can't be forgotten!
Forever searching for the end, its days like these that I pray for death!
Knife to my wrist, but I choke again. I'll just suffer my existence instead!

Pray for death! Bullet in my fucking head!

This is the lowest, that I've ever felt, but I don't have the strength to fucking kill myself.

I'm a coward, a liar & and cheat, watch as judgement! Rains down on me!
Track Name: Life Is Pain
The pain I feel is nothing new. But here you are pouring salt in my wounds. I'm at the end of my rope; I've lost all hope, choking on the words stuck in my fucking throat

Watch me drown
Trying to keep my head above water,
But I'm being pulled under,
Let me drown
By the weight of everything I've bottled up inside.

I'll never feel like this again! I'll never love like this again! I use the blade to dull the pain; I'll never feel like I did back then!


Life is pain!

Every cut into my skin is a memory we’ve missed, I’m destined to die a miserable piece of shit.
Your name on my skin, as real as the pain, how many ways can I tell you that I miss you? Now that you’re gone no one will lay me to rest, ever since you left I’ve felt cold & dead.

When I lost you I lost everything! I am nothing without you, put me out of my misery!

Life is pain!

The pain never goes away! It hurts to think of these memories!
The pain never goes away! It hurts to think.
When I lost you! I lost everything!
Track Name: Fifth Crisis
I've been 17 people alone this week, familiar with regret but a stranger to sleep! My mind is a maze, a forgotten grave! Old versions of me, haunt this place!

Where were you when I needed you! Nowhere to be found! You’re a hypocrite, liar, the reason I sleep with one eye open!
I’ll never forgive or forget, all the times I’ve made myself feel like shit.
Like shit.

I watched everyone around me change, but after all these years I’ve still stayed the same! I’ve watched my closest friends, turn into people I hate, losing site of myself, with every smile I fake!

Fake Mother Fucker!

I drank the lake, it tasted rotten, tasted of hate, regret and sorrow, & when I finally got to the bottom, I found a version of myself I had forgotten.
My mind's the place I come to be alone, its the only place I truly feel at home, I used to sit on the bridge & reminisce, surrendering to the abyss!

Surrender to the abyss.

Dear God... just let me die! I’m on the verge of suicide!
Life, is just the passing of time, existence is just a state of mind.

Life, is just the passing of time, existence is just a state of mind!

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